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Is it a social stigma to marry out of religion?


Posted on : 30/Apr/2018 14:50:30

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I am in love with my colleague. But, she is from another religion. My parents are against interfaith marriage. They say my marriage will not work. They also warn me that my love would affect the marriage of my sister. I am feeling confused. 

Is it a social stigma to marry out of religion? Why are my parents so outdated even in this modern age? What should I do? - Prakash from Vellore 

Hi Prakash

It is love which makes your marriage work. Religion has nothing to do with it. There are many successful interfaith marriages. So, you need not fear that your marriage would not work. 

You should not forgo your love for the sake of your parents. You will regret it lifelong if you submit to the pressures of your parents. 

Your parents are being unreasonable. They are emotionally blackmailing you by saying that your interfaith marriage would ruin your sisters marriage. It definitely would not.

In reality, they fear the wagging tongue of the society they live in. They also fear that they will become a gossiping topic among your relatives. Your relatives or the society are not going to live your married life You are going to live it. So, only you have the authority to decide about your marriage and about the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life with. 

Your interfaith marriage will in no way affect your sisters marriage. Times have changed so much. People too have changed along with it. They have now have started accepting interfaith marriages.

Be adamant in your stand of marrying your colleague. When you are firm in your decision, your parents will definitely relent.

One word of caution. Never thrust your religion on the girl you love. Dont change your religion on compulsion from her. Both should follow your religion without interference from each other. Your children must know the values of both religions.

After all, all religions teach you love, doesnt it? Good luck for the success of your marriage.

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