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How Breakfast affects the process of Weight Reduction?


Posted on : 29/Apr/2018 10:52:26

As the name clearly indicates the meaning of the word, Breakfast, is to break the fast that we had gone through all over the night. Along the eight to ten hours we spend on our bedroom for the sleep we do not consume any kind of food or water. Our bodies are in the fasting mode refreshing and repairing the whole system for the next days bright energy. So the selection of the food to break such full night fasting must be considered carefully without disturbing the whole digestive system with unhealthy junk foods.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner is not a time table pattern to consider for eating healthy and even losing extra weight in your body. The only time suitable for eating anything is when you are hungry. The natures announcement of its hunger is felt on your body and then you eat right healthy food that makes every food change in your body. Three meals per day is not even hundred years old model adapted for our bodies system to work. It is somewhat an outdated unhealthy system that can even degrade our health in certain excess conditions.

Many non-traditional alternate studies suggest to eat only when hungry and even consider fasting for any period of time if the body doesnt feel the sensation of Hunger. When a person got this natures wonderful sensation in the morning soon after the sun rise, the selection of the food plays a key role in determining the health aspect of that particular person.

The American Dietary Association (ADA) suggest Whole grains, Pure Fat, Vegetable and Fruits for the morning breakfast that boosts the overall functions of the body to work energetically the whole day.

One of such study was conducted with 347 healthy men and women over a long term of 12 years clearly indicates a fact that eating healthy natural diet for breakfast helps in losing extra pounds rounded all over the body eliminating the wastes through detoxification.

The research was published in Experimental Biology annual meeting in San Diego, California concluded that people who skip breakfast and eat wrong kind of junk foods in the afternoon increase their insulin spike in the evening leading to lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity.

For an effective support in weight loss one should consume healthy whole grain, Organic fat and uncooked fruits or vegetables in the morning. This will give a satiation for our body and then the body will call for the next meal after all the acquired energy is used for your day-to-day activities. When the next meal is taken after the feeling of hunger the whole day will have a tremendous process of digestion and detoxification leading to elimination of old diseases and to preserve the present positive health conditions.

A 25 percent increase in the body weight was found in the participants who regularly skip the breakfast due to their lifestyle habits and stressful working conditions. Skipping the breakfast do not cause any harm whereas the first meal they consume after skipping the breakfast determines the overall health.

Most of the participants eat fast food or food from any chain restaurants as their first meal of the day depended on their working environment and also in countries like America people have left with very less options to choose healthy foods. The busy cities are bombmbarded with fast food chain restaurants and even grocery stores are filled with ready-made preserved foods which are very unhealthy.

The study concludes the fact of breaking the fast in the morning with healthy food sources will helps in lowering the overall metabolism rate that can affect the insulin spike in our blood stream. Skipping breakfast and then eating a healthy meal is better than eating wrong foods in the morning when the stomach is pure and empty from a night long fast.