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The 47 day long film strike in TN has finally ended now


Posted on : 18/Apr/2018 09:24:43

People in Tamil Nadu have been deprived of watching their favourite stars in the cinema halls in the recent times because of the strike that took place for 47 days. This strike in the Tamil film industry was mainly by TFPC or Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council against QUBE plus theatre owners.

On Tuesday, 17th April 2018, a meeting was held and this meeting that began in the morning at 11:30 am went on till late evening 9 pm. The decision to end this 47 day strike in the Tamil film industry was taken at this meeting.

It is worthy to mention that state government played its part in ending this long strike. Ministers like Mr. Kadambur Raju and Mr. K.C. Veeramani discussed many things with TFPC, digital providers and owners of the theatres.

Popular actor cum TFPC president Mr. Vishal expressed his feelings in this. He spoke about the total cooperation given by chief minister of TN Mr. Edapadi. Palaniswamy.

Actor Vishal later spoke about how as per the request made by him and others, government of TN has ordered all the cinema halls to go fully transparent. This would be from 1st of June 2018.

Scale of the film that is big or small film would decide the ticket prices of the films and it would be flexible. Vishal later highlighted that the online booking of tickets would be suspended soon. He also threw light on how TFPC would be doing online booking through its website and small amount would be charged for the booking of tickets. Actor Vishal then spoke about how Qube full run that was Rs 22000 in the past is now Rs 10000.

Regarding resuming of shooting and release of new films, a decision would be taken on Wednesday, 18th April, and the members of TFPC would be consulted. This was also confirmed by actor Vishal.