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These good things happen when we stop checking our social media accounts regularly


Posted on : 18/Apr/2018 09:19:37

One thing we cannot resist these days is checking our various social media accounts like FB or Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc regularly. It is shocking to know that there are many who check their social media account constantly for every 5 to 10 minutes also.

People get addicted to these social media and find it very difficult to come out of this addiction. As a result their daily lives get affected badly leading to many issues. Social media has got both advantages as well as disadvantages associated with it are known.

There are certain good things that could be possible if we stop checking of our social media account often. These are

Alertness increases in us - We always forget some important things in our lives because of our constant involvement with social media. Some urgent meetings or presentations are also ignored by us by being associated very closely with various social media. By avoiding this frequent checking up of social media accounts the alertness gets increased in us.

Productivity gets increased - This is one of the most important benefits of avoiding various social media accounts.  By this we would have more time at our disposal and we would be able to complete our work efficiently and on time.

Our life doesnt depend on others preferences - By using various social media we come to conclusion that our life depends on the preferences of others. That might not be true actually. It is worthy to mention that we feel very happy according to the likes and dislikes and keep a count about them in the social media. The fact is it is not necessary that you also like the same thing about yourself.

More time at our disposal - By avoiding social media we would have lots of time in our hands. Hence we would be able to devote our time for other activities like our hobby etc.

Real life friends become very close - By constantly in touch with various social media we sometime forget our real life friends as we give more importance to social media friends. So by avoiding various social media our real life friends become much closer to us.