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How to reduce the Smartphone induced Stress in our day-to-day life?


Posted on : 17/Apr/2018 15:15:05

Smartphones are one of the main sources for inducing stress and anxiety in our everyday activities involving Education, Financial progression and Career improvements. Nowadays the expectation and the participation in the social environment of a person are largely based and relying upon the electronic gadgets. This changeover of human perception towards artificial instruments will have to subject to critical research and to the common sense the trend of the gadget lifestyle is not that much a welcome factor for a good human wisdom building a better future.

Notifications from these smartphones divert us from many primary focuses on day-to-day life, resisting the human concentration from more natural entities. Constant temptations to watch the notifications and to attend them gives a temporary gratification which can turn peoples attention into an addiction.

A research was conducted in Duke University for Advanced Hindsight about Smartphone Notifications and the stress levels in the participants. One group was completely deprived of notifications from their smart phones and the second group was left to a normal phase of usual notifications. The third group had a systematic notification timings of three specific hours in a given day.

The usual group with all kind of constant notifications had a high stress impact in their bodies whereas the completely restricted group also had anxiety as their notifications were completely stopped. They started to look their mobile constantly for the notifications and their participation in the virtual world.

To the surprise the third group with limited number of notifications had a less stress inducing levels in their bodies. So the research concluded that the regulation of notification on the smart phones will have a huge impact in balancing the stress levels on the people.

The third group received notifications only on 9A.M, 3P.M and 9P.M in a given day and so the psychological changes and the cortisol levels in this group was found to be more balanced. The peoples anxiety were very much reduced in this category.

However the complete deprivation of notifications boosted up the levels of anxiety causing constant reminding of the participants to check their mobiles. The long time addiction was further triggered to negative impact when they were completely out of informed zone of their electronic gadgets.

Thus the only way to balance out the problem is to regulate the timings of the notifications says the member of the American Psychological Association. Smartphone makers will have to consider this study and provide enough facilities in their device oriented applications to enable this kind of time zoned notifications.