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Are you wondering why your wife nags you?


Posted on : 02/Apr/2018 18:01:43

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You hate it when your wife nags you, dont you? Her repetitive words jar your ears that you want to yell at her to stop. Are you wondering why your wife nags you? Surprisingly the reason could be you. Yes. When your wife feels that, you do not understand her emotional needs she wouldnt let it go. She wants you to know that she does not like it. So, she does it the womanly way, the nagging way. 

Do you want to see how much youruncaring attitude makes your wife resort to nagging? 
You never listen to her. Your wife wants to talk to you about her innermost feelings. But, you do not have the patience to listen to her. You coolly ignore her. You concentrate on your laptop\television, rather than look at her. This angers your wife no end. 

She will not let you get away that easily. She immediately goes on a rhetoric about your insensitive behavior towards her. You never help her. Your wife is tired from her hectic work schedule. She yearns for some help from you. But, you let her slog alone. 

Your wife is naturally furious. Her tiredness makes her burst out about your laziness and sluggishness. You never appreciate her. Your wife cooks painstakingly for you, but you do not appreciate her.

Your wife looks beautiful, but you scarcely notice her. Your wife makes your life comfortable by being responsible and committed, but you never appreciate her. Your unappreciative attitude makes your wife feel overlooked. 

She wants you to understand her worth. This is the reason she nags you non-stop about your unappreciative attitude. You are not responsible. You want your wife to handle your entire family issues single handedly. You do not give her moral support. This infuriates your wife as she feels you too have your own share of duties towards the family. 

Initially she tries to reason with you. You are never bothered. Next, she pressurizes you. You would not listen. Finally, she bombards you with words which makes you finally relent. 

Can you see how you are the reason behind the nagging of your wife? Understand the womanly wishes of your wife and make her feel loved and cared by you. Otherwise, you have to bear the brunt of her nagging. You wouldnt want that, do you?
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