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Do you possess these 10 essential qualities of a good homemaker?


Posted on : 02/Apr/2018 14:37:27

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Do you feel just because you are a good wife; you are also a good home maker? You are wrong. Being a good home maker needs entirely a different attitude from you. Do you know you could be a good wife, but a very bad home maker? Are you stunned?

For days, you had considered yourself asa  good home maker because you were a loving wife. A good wife needs emotional understanding, but a good home maker needs good administrative skills. 

Now, shall we look at the top 10 essential qualities of a good home maker?

1. You must have the guts to deal with your family issues

Family problems are emotionally draining. They often make you mentally tired. You can work efficiently in your work place only if you are intelligent and confident. You need the same intelligence in your family life also. Yes. You need absolute confidence in dealing with family issues that keep cropping up consistently. 

Family issues can be nerve wracking. But, it should never make you tensed. You should have the flair to handle it with assertiveness. Avoid running to your husband, cribbing about your inability to handle it. 

2. Allocation of duties

Do you do handle all the family responsibilities all by yourself? Do you feel you are being very selfless and generous? No. You are being stupid. Can you do all the work in your work place? You cannot. It is the same in your family.

Everyone should do his\her duties. You should train your children to look after themselves.Your husband should realize that he cannot laze around and expect you to slog alone. Just like you, he is also duty bound towards the family. So, allocate family duties to him also. 

3. Keeping your house clean

Do you keep your house looking like a pigsty? This is something a good homemaker never does. Teach your children to keep their room clean from their young age. When you appreciate them, they eagerly do what you train them to do. Your husband should also assist you in keeping the house clean. A clean and tidy home makes you feel proud and tension free. 

4. You look presentable always

As a good home maker, you look presentable at home. You know when you look well-groomed it emanates positive energy in your home. Your children are neat and tidy, always. A neat and good appearance gives aesthetic beauty to your family. 

5. You make your family financially secure

As a good homemaker,you are very concentrated on the financial security of your family. You have a budget and live within it. You save and spend. You save for your childrens education. You plan a house of your own. And with judicial planning you make you dream come true.

6. You are very enthusiastic 

You have incredible energy that makes you to keep smiling always. You never crib about your family problems. You are so cheerful that your home has an atmosphere of incredible well-being.

7. You are very intelligent 

Unless you are intelligent, you cannot be the pillar of strength to your family. You are intelligent in handling money. You are intelligent in bringing up your children. You are intelligent in solving family issues.

8. Consistent work schedule

You have a work schedule for your household chores also. You do not keep your house clean one day and dirty the other day. You plan your household work so much so that you do it with consistency. 

9. You are empathetic 

You always understand your family members from their viewpoint. You are a loving mother and a loving wife. You are very listening, very caring, and very compassionate.

10. You are well-mannered

You know you have to be well behaved at home also. You never utter expletives. You make your husband feel respected. Your children feel they have an excellent mother. Can you see how a good home maker has all these qualities?  Do you possess these qualities of a good homemaker? Excellent. Your family is indeed very lucky.
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