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Top 5 unthinking mistakes of a husband


Posted on : 23/Mar/2018 18:30:38

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Do you know you commit many relationship blunders which makes your wife feel unloved and uncared by you? Most often, you never really understand the emotional needs of your wife.  

You always view your relationship from your male point of view. And your male nature is always opposite to your wifes. Your wife is emotional. You are practical. To your wife, her family is her world. To you, your family is just a part of your world. This difference in attitude makes you commit many relationship blunders. Shall we have a look at them? 

1. You want to dominate and control your wife

You want to satisfy your male ego by dominating your wife. Do you know that even in this modern age, male domination does exist in marriages?  You want her to hand over her hard-earned money to you. You feel your wife knows nothing about money matters. So, you do not discuss it with her.
You laze around making your wife slave alone with her never-ending household chores. You never realize how tired she must be feeling. Your dominating nature makes your poor wife feel you are very unloving and uncaring towards her.

2. You always criticize

Your wife hates it when you keep on making comments about her. Mostly your comments are demeaning and degrading. You make fun of her way of doing things. You make sneering comments about her appearance. Do you know your wife is very sensitive to comments about her appearance? You criticize her cooking as not good enough. You make demeaning comments about her before your friends\relatives\colleagues.

3. You are selfish about your sexual needs

To you sex is just a physical need. When you need sex, you are in a mood for it. But you never think about the sexual needs of your wife. Do you know your wife feels sexually interested only when you show your love and care towards her?

She must feel emotionally aroused by you, to feel sexually aroused towards you. It is as simple as that. This is the reason your wife feels that you use her body to satisfy your lust without really caring for her sexual needs. 

4. You do not have the same rules for her

Yet another mistake you commit as a husband is that you do not hahave uniform rules for both. You keep updating your electronic gadgets. You never feel it as a waste of money. You spend lots of money having fun with your friends.

But, you feel your wife is wasting money if she buys a dress she likes. You feel she does not know the value of money when she visits a beauty parlor. You want your wife to overlook your forgetful nature. But, your make her seem like a nitwit when she forgets something You make mistakes and coolly defend yourself. But you will never let the mistakes of your wife go by without you making nasty comments about her.

5. You never listen to her

This is a common mistake most husbands make. You never listen. Whenever your wife comes to you to talk, you scarcely listen to her. You look everywhere, except at your wife. Your face never shows any reaction. It is deadpan and wooden. Do you know your wife feels she might as well be talking to a wall when you do not react to her interaction?

Can you see how your mistakes makes your wife feel you are selfish and self-centered? You do not make these mistakes intentionally. You do it unknowingly. But the agony it causes your wife is limitless. Think from the angle of your wife. Understand her emotional needs. Make her feel loved. Respect her for what she is. Simple ways to make you a good husband, you know. 
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