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Top 6 marriage building blocks to strengthen your relationship


Posted on : 23/Mar/2018 17:56:34

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Do you think your marriage will survive without any input from you? You are wrong.
It is you who have to make your marriage work. Marriage has many characteristics inbuilt into it. 

They are called the building blocks of your marriage. Are you wondering what they are?

1. Love and care

Love binds you together. Unless you love your spouse, your marriage cannot survive. Of course, the frenzied love you had for each other does not last for long. It soon settles down to serene and more mature love.

Without love, you cannot co-exist as husband and wife. Why do you feel duty bound to your spouse? It is because you love him\her.It is this strong foundation which makes your marriage more meaningful and worthwhile.

2. Commitment towards your spouse

Modern marriages lack commitment. Do you know without commitment your marriage will plunge to failure?  What exactly does commitment mean in married life? It is the responsibility and accountability you share with your spouse in looking after your family.
It is showing your spouse your emotional support -‘I am here for you.’ This dedication makes wonders in your marriage.

3. Loving communication between you

Do you communicate with your spouse? Of course you do. You always communicate with your spouse. But, your interaction is often very mundane and ordinary. What do you talk with your spouse?

You talk about the financial problems of your family. You have tensed interaction about the future of your children. You have heated talk about your mortgages and repayments. You have bored communication about buying groceries and things for your home. How uninteresting!

These topics are definitely very important family issues. But these topics are also compulsory and routine. It makes your conversation argumentative and heated. The trick for exciting communication with your spouse is small talking. What is small talking?
It is interacting with your spouse about mild and non-controversial topics. Mutual hobbies, sports, movies, family gossips are interesting topics which makes your conversation very lively and extending, you know. Try it!
4. Trust and faith in each other

Unless you trust each other, your marriage cannot survive. What happens when you do not trust your spouse? You become paranoid with suspicion about your spouse.You spy his\her whereabouts. Your imagination runs wild when your spouse is late from work. You doubt that he\she is meeting someone behind your back.

You sneakily look at his\her messages. Utter crass things to do to your spouse, isn’t it?
Trust and faith are beautiful marriage building blocks. But it cannot be inbuilt into your marriage instantly. It takes years of dedicated love, support, care, and commitment before you have complete faith in your spouse.

5. Loyalty and honesty is still the best policy

What does honesty and loyalty mean in marriage relationship? You should be loyal to your spouse in your thoughts and actions. Fantasying thoughts about the opposite sex is emotional cheating. Do you feel you are loloyal to your spouse just because you have no physical intimacy with another person?

It is not enough if you are physically loyal to your spouse. You should also be honest in your thoughts. If you fantasy about another person and live with your spouse, you are being disloyal to the core.

6. Instant Support and spontaneous help

How do you react when your spouse looks downcast and depressed? You often ignore it. You feel it is none of your business. Do you know this is the time your spouse needs your support? Your consoling words sends the message of your love directly to him\her. 

Marriage is a fantastic relationship. Turn your attention towards its finer aspects. Your marriage needs many more such intricate characteristics to make your relationship withstand the never-ending toils you face in your day-to-day life.

Marriage is a fantastic relationship. Turn your attention towards its finer aspects. Never ignore it. Construct your relationship with blocks of many more sensitive and loving emotions.
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