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Here is an interesting marriage quiz about your relationship with your spouse!


Posted on : 23/Mar/2018 17:48:56

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Take this marriage quiz to know the true status of your relationship. Every question has two answers. Select what you will do in such a situation. The total marks for this quiz is 100.

You get 10 marks when your answer is right. You get no marks if your answer is wrong. 
Finally, the added up mark shows the fate of your marriage. Now let us start this interesting relationship quiz!

Marriage quiz - 1 

What is your reaction when your spouse tries to make up with you after a bitter fight?

Your answer - I will continue my arguments, as I want to show him\her the intensity of my hurt – nil marks

Your answer - I will instantly accept the apology of my spouse. I knew his\her anger was superficial. Our relationship is immediately normal and friendly again - 10 marks 

Marriage quiz - 2

What do you do when your spouse needs your financial help? 

Your answer - It is not my problem at all. It is his\her mistake to have gotten into such a financial mess. I cannot be bothered about it – nil marks

Your answer - His\her problem is mine. I cannot let my spouse suffer alone. I will pull him\her out of the financial mess – 10 marks 

Marriage quiz - 3

How do you spend your free time at home?

Answer 1 - I spend my time watching TV or browsing the internet. I also love playing video games. My spouse also does what he\she likes. – nil marks

Answer 2 - I love interacting with my spouse. We talk just about everything under the sky. We have fun and laughter with our children-  10 marks

Marriage quiz - 4

Do you respect the family of your spouse?

Answer 1 - I don’t have good relationship with my in-laws. I find them very interfering and intruding – nil marks

Answer 2 - I respect my in-laws. I feel they are my extended family. I show excellent hospitality to them– 10 marks

Marriage quiz - 5 
What do you do when your spouse looks worried and stressed?

Answer 1 - As it is, I have my own work related problems. I do not have time or patience to get involved in the problems of my spouse - nil marks

Answer 2 - I will give total emotional support to my spouse to make him\her realize that I will always be there for him\her - 10 marks

Marriage quiz - 6

Do you look presentable at home?

Answer 1 -  Home is my unwinding domain. I feel comfortable wearing old clothes. I am very tired from a hectic work schedule. I just amble around looking shabby. My spouse will definitely understand my tiredness –nil marks

Answer 2 - I know my spouse expects me to look presentable always. So, I am always neat and well-groomed at home also – 10 marks

Marriage quiz - 7

Do you argue about everything with your spouse?

Answer 1 - Of course I do. I cannot agree to whatever he\she does – nil marks

Answer 2 -  I know that my spouse has his\her own individuality. So, he\she will be different. I never make much ado about the minor faults of my spouse. I never play the accusing game - 10 marks

Marriage quiz - 8

Do you compare your spouse with others?

Answer 1 - Yes, I do. Not to degrade my spouse, but to prod him\her to do better as his\her friends\colleagues\relatives – nil marks

Answer 2 - Never will I do it. I love my spouse for what he\she is. I never compare him\her in a lesser light with others – 10 marks

Marriage quiz - 9

Do you demonstrate your love for your spouse?

Answer 1 – I do love my spouse. But I cannot keep displaying my love. He\she should understand it through my actions - nil marks

Answer 2 – I am very demonstrative of my love for my spouse. I often say the magic words “I love you” to him\her. I also display tiny physical gestures of love for my spouse’ – 10 marks

Marriage quiz - 10

Do you keep your home neat and clean?

Answer 1 – I do not have time to clean the house daily. I cleanit as and when I have the time – nilmarks

Answer 2 – We both combine to keep our house clean. It makes us feel relaxed and less irritated. I feel it gives an aesthetic beauty to our marriage – 10 marks

‘That married couples can live together day after day is a miracle that the Vatican has overlooked.’ – Bill Cosby

This marriage quiz is endless. Marriage relationship is that intricate. This is just the tip of the icing. How many marks did you score? Was your marks more than eighty?

Excellent - You have a near perfect marriage. Was your marks between fifty to forty percent? Your marriage just survives. Was your marriage examination marks below forty?

Watch out. Your married life is tottering towards failure. Have this sort of marriage quiz often. It shows you how your marriage fares. It makes you rectify your relationship mistakes.
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