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Top 10 qualities a husband wants in his wife


Posted on : 23/Mar/2018 17:30:16

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Your husband adores you when you possess certain womanly qualities. In your tug of war for supremacy in the family, you often overlook the manly needs of your husband.
Do you know this makes him feel emotionally lost? Here goes the top 10 womanly qualities your husband wants in you.

1. He wants you to agree to his ideas

You always feel you know what is best for the family, dont you? You never pay heed to the suggestions of your husband as you feel it is no good. Do you know this makes your husband feel overlooked in the family? The poor man too wants to contribute for the family. He wants you to listen to him. He adores you when you agree to his suggestions.

2. He wants you to cook his favorite dishes

This is your husbands childish wish. He loves you through his stomach. He is often a slave to his tongue. When you cook him an uninteresting meal, he feels unloved. But, when you serve him his favorite dish, he is excited like a school boy.

3. He wants respect from you

You want equality in your relationship. Quite rightfully so. But, however modern the world might have become, the needs of your husband remains the same. He wants respect from you. Not slavish, like in the olden days. He wants to be shown respect before his friends\relatives. 

4. He loves a wee bit of service

Yes. Your husband loves it when you do him service. Do you give attend to his needs before he asks for it? He loves it. Do you keep his toiletries when he goes to have his bath?
He adores it. He never outgrows it. Small things isnt it? But, your husband just loves you for it. 

5. He wants to laze around 

Your husband as a man is basically very lazy. He likes to watch his favorite shows in the TV. He loves playing video games. He likes to be idle at home. Though he knows he is being selfish, he adores you when you allow him to laze around doing nothing. 

6. He wants your trust

When you degrade your husbands capacity, his morale is shattered. You are very capable he wants to hear more such words from you. I know you would do it words he adores from you. He wants your trust more than anything else. 

7. He wants you to be presentable

He hates it when you look grubby and shabby. He loves you when you look attractive and presentable at home. Your husband as a man wants a visual treat in you. 

8. He wants your emotional support

Your husband is emotionally very vulnerable. His show of manliness is just his outer faade. But, he does not have the capacity to handle family problems. He easily chips under pressure. In fact, your husband relies on you totally for emotional support.

9. Headores you when you are feminine

He hates you when you talk at the top of your voice. He hates it when you behave like a tomboy. He wants you to be soft spoken and kind.

10. He too wants hugs and kisses

Just like you, he too wants unexpected kisses and hugs. He likes it when you ruffle his hair affectionately. He feels loved when you kiss him with love. He is excited when you give him an affectionate hug. Do it often to make him feel loved. You can easily win over the love of your husband when you cater to his manly needs. So, give him what he wants and win tons of love back from him.
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