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The Exhibitors calls of their strike and theatres would soon start functioning in Tamil Nadu


Posted on : 23/Mar/2018 09:48:23

People go to movies for their relaxation is well known. In Tamil Nadu many cinema theatres were closed and this had resulted in loss of huge amount. Many ardent film goers found it difficult as they could not see their favourite stars in the screens. There are as many as 1050 theatres in the state of TN and Chennai region have got 146 screens is known.

Now this piece of news would bring huge relief for many movie goers in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is now said that Tamil Nadu Film Exhibitors Association has called off its indefinite strike adn theatres would function normally from Friday 23rd March.

On Thursday 22nd March 2018 the exhibitors met ministers and discussed their issues. The ministers gave assurance to accept the demands of the exhibitors and hence the strike was called off. This was confirmed by Mr. Abirami Ramanathan president of the association.

Beginning from 16th of March 2018, the exhibitors have been involved in this strike and they have been demanding cancellation of entertainment taxes plus maintenance cost etc. It must be noted that many new films that were supposed to hit the theatres did not release as expected and this created huge problems.  The Tamil film industry came to stand still.

The meeting between the exhibitors and the ministers was superb and commercial taxes minister Mr. KC. Veeramani and state information and publicity minister Mr. Kadambur Raju made their presence felt and they solved the problems of the exhibitors.

The good news now is starting from Friday 23rd March all theatres in Tamil Nadu would start functioning like in the past. This was confirmed by Mr Abirami Ramanathan.

It is known that protests against DSP or digital service providers by the producers are going on and no new film release call was announced on 1st of March 2018 and film shootings have been stopped.