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Why this Kumar Loganathan of Chennai is sensational now?


Posted on : 20/Jan/2018 9:34:26 AM

Many people in this society do superb work and get appreciated. Chennai based Kumar Loganathan is one such who has done remarkably and by his work he has now won a national level research competition. He has attracted the attention of many for designing a device based on solar power and this could produce a litre of water directly from air.

It is known that the ground water present is getting decreased and this is a major cause of concern. This Kumar Loganathan has developed this device by keeping in mind this issue. It is now said that with the help of this device designed by Kumar Loganathan, water could be extracted from air present in the forests where the relative humidity is just 44 percent.

According to Kumar Loganathan, water vapour is constantly restored in the other areas and as a result of that there would not be any shortage. The main principle on which this device is designed is it adjusts the dew point as per the relative humidity present in the surrounding and condenses the air into water.  

It must be noted that there are certain areas where solar power could not be produced and in such cases this device could be plugged into the socket and it would use 100 watts of power only. It is now said that eighty four paise is only needed to get one litre of water when this device is utilized and that is superb.

On 6th January 2018, in the final round of Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 2017-18, Chennai based Kumar Loganathans project was selected among 205 shortlisted projects.

It is very important to mention here that Quality was considered as main criteria when Kumar designed this device. It is known that air surrounding us is not pure. Now to get pure air as many as four filters were fitted with the device.
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