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How to analyse the concessions offered in the real estate industry?

Posted on: 02/Oct/2017 6:19:48 PM
In the prevalent festive season, all the newspapers, magazines, websites, shopping malls, and the TV hordes of advertisements are offering discounts and special concessions. Now, the real estate industry has also joined this spate of advertisement with concessional offers.

Especially for the individuals planning to buy a flat/house, the natural question will arise as to how to approach these concessional offers. Meanwhile, the experts believe that that there has been an increased demand in the market and the prospective buyers are ready to buy at the right prices. In this scenario, it is considered optimum to avail the festive season discounts/concessions and decide to buy new houses.

The persons interested in buying flats/houses must examine the offers were built and ready-for-occupations offers are made. Until a few years ago, offers were available only for the plans inaugurated during the festive season.

However, since the implementation of RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act), only the registered and approved schemes are allowed to advertise. However, the residential construction with Occupation Certificate; or just applied for the same can also be advertised. Most of the Real Estate Businesses are focusing on selling this type of flats/houses.

The persons planning to buy may decide to buy flats/houses which are ready for occupation. Though the prices are higher, there are no other problems or complications while buying these. Further, the real estate businesses advertise that the ready-to-occupy` houses/flats have no GST scope for saving GST. GST is applicable only for building under construction. So, this is another advantage deciding to buy a ready house/flat. However, please take proper care to read the entire details of the news printed in small letters.

Apart from this, some real estate businesses conduct online fair as well. Modular kitchens are offered free for the luxury houses/apartments. However, it is better to look for avenues where hard cash discounts are offered.