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A new system to regularize the unapproved plots

Posted on: 27/Sep/2017 3:14:05 PM
The state government of Tamil Nadu has released a new system of Rules and Regulations for regularising all the unapproved plots. This has been submitted to the Chennai High Court.

The Government Order, released by the Tamil Nadu Housing and Urban Development Corporation explains that the rules and regulations for the regularization of unapproved plots are formed as per the Tamil Nadu Urban Planning Act 1971.

As per these rules, the authorities approved for the regularisation in the various city corporations and the local administrations are the commissioners (for corporations), Executives (city administration), Circle Development Offices, Village Panchayats).

The real estate owners who created the unapproved plots and the owners of the unapproved plots need to approach the above officers, submit an application and get their plots approved and regularized. Please note that these plots must have been created before October 2016.

In order to regularize the unapproved plots, the required charges must be paid to the state government of Tamil Nadu. In Major city corporations, this charge is fixed as Rs. 100 per sq. metre. In city corporations, it is Rs. 60 per sq. metre. For local municipalities, (city administrations,) it is Rs. 30 per sq. metre.

A separate fee has to be paid for the development of the unapproved plots. This is charged at the rate of Rs. 500 per sq. metre for large city corporations, Rs. 350 per sq. metre for the special and select municipalities, Rs. 250 per sq. metre for the 1st and 2nd-grade municipalities, Rs. 150 per sq. metre for Panchayats, Rs. 100 per sq metre for the village Panchayats.

In case of the housing plots, an approach road of 4.8 metres width has to be laid in case of corporations. For city and Panchayat areas, an approach road of 3.6-metre width has to be laid,

An open public space must be provided around the plot.In case this is not provided, a 10% additional charge on the plot price will be charged.In order to review the regularization of these unapproved plots, the concerned officers should charge and collect Rs. 500 per plot.

Then the reviews must be conducted. As these unapproved plots are being regularised as per the system under charge, it cannot be taken that the unapproved buildings constructed in these plots will also stand regularized. There is the possibility of the concerned authorities taking legal actions on these unapproved and illegal buildings. Henceforth, proper approval for making plots must be obtained from the authorities including the district collector.

Approval of plots must not be given for agricultural lands, water sources, or lands affecting water resources, and government squatter lands. The parties creating plots must discuss with the district collector and the Assistant Director of the Department of Agriculture and concerned authorities in this regard and submit an application.

These officers will make direct visits to the areas of the related plots and conduct a review. Then, they should check all the related rules and regulations and then only approve the plot. Lands which are waterbodies such as rivers, ponds, and canals cannot be converted into lands for construction. Further, no approval will be given for construction o of building on government-owned lands, temple-owned lands, and lands owned by Waqf board,

No approval will be given for converting lands which are unowned and free. The state government of Tamil Nadu has decided to regularize all the unapproved plots before 20th October 2016 and approve them. In case there is a need to convert an agricultural land into a building plot, permission/approval must be obtained from the Assistant Director of the Department of Agriculture.

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