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Problems are the Gateway to Profit


Posted on : 29/Aug/2017 14:39:42

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Problems are the gateway to profit, businesses are started to generate profit and prosperity to you and your stakeholders. In business we come across many problems and at times it slows down growth, it cause agitation in us, it makes us doubt our abilities and resources around us.

Every successful businessman comes across such situations many times. If you closely look back, every profit you make and every profit centre you enjoy in the business started by solving the problems you had for you or your clients.

First lets define the problem, what is a problem? Any unexpected event, response from your client, employee that challenge your current status quo, and demands you to do something more than what you are currently handling is called a problem. 

Once you understand the problem, the business mind searches for an answer, seek solution from others and solve the issue to continue business operations. Although business happens the same way, before and after a problem, in truth a phenomenon called Maturity and Growth happens to the person or the team. An with the gained maturity the way they equip themselves to face similar situations is completely different.

Every business man should look beyond the problem and keep their views broad and keep moving on to face the problem, which results in a more equipped and matured team, in short a more capable team to handle any situation.

In another perspective, if there is a shortfall, the business mind will evolve to the situation, let it be a shortfall in your resource, money, time, an unexpected response from a client, etc. Facing it you become a better businessman.

Next time, when you say I am in a problem, that means you are in the gateway of profit, just move on and on, the profit is awaiting for you. All the best.

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