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Have CRM in place


Posted on : 14/Jul/2017 14:32:23

Business Tips by J Sampath                                                Know more about J Sampath

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As we business people know Customer is the King, Customer is God and the purpose of the business is fulfilling the need of the customer and making the customer satisfied. The focus of business, which was customer service earlier, now evolved to customer satisfaction. Now to retain the customer, the businesses and the people in business has to strive beyond the customer service, beyond the customer satisfaction and to Customer delight.

Businesses focusing on the customer delight, retain the customer happy and satisfied, happy and satisfied customers become your loyal customers, they are your brand ambassadors and they keep speaking about your products and services wherever they go. A satisfied and happy customer will refer many of his contacts to you with confidence.

To evolve and achieve this state in business, you should have a good relationship with your customers. Good relationship starts with the timely communication, understanding the customer better. Having record of the customer interactions and retrieving those information whenever and wherever required instantly. These are the basis of relationship.

From the stage of enquiry to sales and post sale support, at every stage the relationship is built stronger, making your customer from satisfied to a happy customer and making him as your brand loyalists. 

To understand and have information about customers and their purchases, interactions, support tickets across all the departments and locations of your staff, you need a CRM - Customer Relationship Management system. We offer a sales focussed CRM solution to companies in all kind of business verticals. We provide CRM for Builders, CRM for Interiors, CRM for institutions, CRM for consultants, CRM for businesses.

The Solution is a hosted solution, you can access from anywhere over internet, we also provide the android version of CRM mobile app to manage and maintain the relationship of your customers.

To see the demo please call : 9840279047, we team will come and show you the demo of JBCRM and train your resources for the business success.

J Sampath is the Managing Director of JB Soft System, running the organisation successfully since 2001, with more than 2000 clients, He supports his clients through his services like Web solutions, Web consultancy, sharing Best Business practices. Read more...

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