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GST effect: Tirupathi laddu and room rent may go up

Posted on : 15/Jun/2017 5:12:24 PM

A situation has arisen with the implementation of GST. The prices of the various offerings to the devotees from the famous Tirupathi temple, the Darshan Tickets, and the rental for the stay will all go up.

The GST proposed by the central government will apply to the temples earning a revenue of more than 20 Lakhs per year.

Currently, the expenses for making 1 Laddu in Tirupathi temple considering the prices of the ingredients and other things works out to be Rs. 35 per piece. However, once GST is imposed, the devotees who buy these Laddus will have to pay a GST of 6%.

Also, for the devotees who come to the temple staying in Tirupathi and having a Darshan of the Lord, they have to pay the additional GST slab if they are renting rooms which cost more than Rs. 500 per day.

Thus, there is a situation where the devotees will need to pay more for the stay as well as the Lords offerings from the temple. So far, the exact details of the price increase have not been released.



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