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Six Hidden Effects of Nail Polish!


Posted on : 30/May/2014 15:37:44

Protect new Apparel Jewelry from Debasement When air bangs the metal of your new apparel jewels, the metal may lead to corrosion and chances of color change is more. Transparent polish locks out air, and thus keeps your costume jewels appear like a new one. But be careful in choosing the color of the nail polish, as it should not destroy the old decorations in the ornaments.

Cease a run in your clothes from getting worse- You will be facing the situation of an unpleasant run in your tights, either at the workplace or at outing. Always put a transparent nail bottle in your bag and in case of any tear in you tights, just paint over the tear. Once it freezes, the polish will aid in stopping the run in the tracks.

Ease rapid threading inside the needle Drag the unraveled thread by the nail polish brush for many times, the polish will solidify the thread and consent you to slide it precise through the needle hole easily.

Sort Out your keys Color signs your keys with the assistance of the nail polish. This is the easiest way to identify which key matches with the lock. Also the rainbow colors compose your keychain to look more beautiful and a layer of polish will not hamper with your key skidding into the key breach.

Close up Envelopes - If you disgust pasting envelopes by licking, zip them by applying the base of the flap of the envelope with apparent nail polish.

Repair scratches in your old shoes - Even though it is tough to look out a nail polish that matches your shoe color, try to trace a nail polish that tone with your shoes. Use the polish to coat over the tears and the scratches, but place the shade on your nail first to ensure it is a sufficient syint to your shoes.