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No power-cut in Chennai city – Other districts resentful!


Posted on : 26/Mar/2014 4:18:52 PM


In order to tide over the current power shortage, power cut has been enforced in all districts except Chennai district. The public in all other districts resent this very much.

Power cut has been in force in Tamil Nadu from 2008. Accordingly, power is cut for 2 hours on a rotational basis in different parts of Chennai City and for 4 hours in other districts.

Power is distributed through underground cables in Chennai city and through overhead cables in other districts.

 To counter the current severe power shortage TANGED CO officials have taken several steps.

 For a shortage between 200 & 500 MW, power is cut off for the feeders carrying power to the rural areas.

If it is between 500 & 1000 MW, the feeders for Coimbatore, Erode, Tirupur, Cuddalore, and Hosur are cut.

If the power shortage exceeds 1000 MW, power cut is enforced in Chennai suburbs.

As new power stations started generating power last year and wind energy plants als were in operation, an additional 2000 to 25000 MW of power became available. The power consumption was also less during the winter season. Hence, power cut period was reduced.

However, during the current year, there have been failures in some of the thermal power stations coupled with increase in demand, the shortage has risen to 1400 MW. This led to the power cut being enforced again.

However, over the last few days, the shortage of power has remained steady at 800 MW. Hence, 5 hours of power cut has been implemented in all districts except Chennai city. With foreign Counsel Offices, Central & State government Offices, multi-national corporations and VIPs’ residences being located in Chennai, power cut is not enforced in Chennai except when completely unavoidable emergency.

Currently, the power generation in Tamil Nadu is 10000 MW. Chennai  requires 2500 MW to 2000 MW. For example, the demand on 29th March was 3027 MW, which was the maximum.

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