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UGC Introduces Comprehensive Fee Refund Policy for Higher Education Institutions!

Posted on: 15/Jun/2024 10:18:45 AM

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has introduced a new Fee Refund Policy for the academic year 2024-25 in response to complaints from students and parents about Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) failing to refund fees upon admission cancellation or withdrawal. According to the updated policy, students can receive a full fee refund if they withdraw their admission at least 15 days before the last date of admission. However, withdrawals beyond 30 days after this deadline will not qualify for a full refund.

To enforce these guidelines, HEIs must collaborate with entities managing admission processes and fee collection. The UGC has also established a Grievance Redressal framework to promptly address issues related to delays or denials in fee refunds, ensuring transparency and accountability in the refund process.

These measures aim to provide students and families with clearer expectations and effective ways to resolve disputes regarding fee refunds.

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