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Algorithm to get 100 New Customers !

Posted on: 13/Jun/2024 1:06:18 PM

Daily Lead Addition:

Add 3 new leads every day.
Monthly Total: 60 leads.
Annual Total: 720 leads.

Weekly Follow-ups:

Follow up with each lead once a week.
If a lead responds, classify them as a prospect.
Continue follow-ups to convert prospects into customers.

No Response Protocol:

If no response after 6 weekly follow-ups:
Move the lead to monthly follow-ups.
If the lead responds during monthly follow-ups:
Follow up diligently and convert them into customers.

Extended Follow-up:

If no response after 3 months of monthly follow-ups:
Move the lead to quarterly follow-ups.
Ensure at least 4 follow-ups per year.
Continue until the lead becomes a customer or unsubscribes.

Conversion Expectations:

5% Conversion Rate:
Expected: 36 new customers per year.
10% Conversion Rate:
Expected: 72 new customers per year.
15% Conversion Rate:
Expected: 108 new customers per year.

Follow-Up Process:

Weekly follow-ups for initial leads.
Monthly follow-ups for unresponsive leads after 6 weeks.
Quarterly follow-ups for leads unresponsive after 3 months.
Continuous follow-up until conversion or unsubscription.

Growth Projection:

Consistently adding 3 leads per day can lead to substantial growth.
Conversion rates will directly impact the number of new customers.
A systematic follow-up strategy ensures no lead is left behind.

Implement this proven algorithm.
Watch your customer base grow steadily.
Maximize conversions and boost your sales.
Start Today and See the Difference!

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Best wishes

J Sampath
Founder and CEO

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