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AR Rahmans "Marakuma Nenjam" Concert Rescheduled Due to Rain

Posted on: 18/Aug/2023 10:45:39 AM
The highly anticipated "Marakuma Nenjam" concert by renowned musician A.R. Rahman has undergone rescheduling owing to persistent rain. While the new date and comprehensive particulars have now been disclosed, enthusiasts need not worry. The originally scheduled "Marakuma Nenjam" music concert, which faced a rain-induced postponement on August 12, has been rescheduled for September 10.

The rescheduled date ensures that fans and attendees can still be a part of the musical extravaganza, utilizing their previously purchased tickets.

Music aficionados and followers of AR Rahman can now look forward to an immersive and captivating event on September 10, as the melodies of "Marakuma Nenjam" fill the air.