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Embark on an endearing journey with Urvashi and Zeus in Tamil movie "Appatha" set to stream exclusively on JioCinema

Posted on: 24/Jul/2023 3:35:24 PM
JioCinema presents the captivating trailer for the forthcoming film Appatha, a movie that skillfully weaves together elements of humor and genuine emotions. Starting legendary actor Urvashi this engrossing trailer gives a glimpse into the warm and emotional rollercoaster journey of the film and also marks it as Urvashis 700th film under the direction of Priyadarshan. The movie is produced by Jyoti Deshpande, presented by Jio Studios, A Wide Angle Creations Production, produced by Suresh Balaje and George Pius.

Appatha takes viewers into the world of Kannamma, also known as Appatha who has spent all her life in the village of Kaayilanpatti. She raises her son by herself after losing her husband while also making a name for herself with her business. Strong and fearless her only one true fear is her fear of dogs.

Watch as she reconnects with her estranged son, who brought her to the city only for her to realize she needs to keep an eye on the family dog Zeus while they go on a vacation. The duo goes from trying to stay away from each other to nearly becoming inseparable.

Talking about the movie and sharing her experience, Urvashi said, As my 700th film, Appatha has been an extraordinary experience and holds a special place in my heart. The story beautifully captures the essence of family bonds, personal growth, and the importance of facing our fears. Working with the talented team led by Priyadarshan has been an absolute delight. I am eagerly looking forward to the audience`s heartfelt experience, as they immerse themselves in the genuine emotions and warmth that Appatha has to offer.

Director Priyadarshan shared his experience on his journey with the team, I feel honored to be part of this project, bringing this heartfelt story to the screen.  Through this film, we explore the dynamics of human connections and personal growth, as Kannamma reconnects with her estranged son and confronts her fear of dogs. The genuine chemistry between the actors and the journey they embark on has made this project truly special. I am eagerly looking forward to sharing the emotions and depth of Appatha with the audience, hoping it leaves a lasting impression on their hearts."

Get ready to immerse yourself in the loving world of Appatha streaming free exclusively on 29th July 2023 only on JioCinema.

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