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Malarchi: Personal Leadership and Business Leadership Training Courses Celebrated their 8th Anniversary

Posted on: 25/Jan/2023 10:52:16 AM
Malarchi which conducts personal leadership and business leadership training courses celebrated their 8th anniversary at their Shenoy nagar centre on 22-Jan-23. Malarchi was started in the year 2015 on the same day. Shri Paraman Pachaimuthu Founder Malarchi and Editor of Valarchi magazine is a leadership trainer who has trained more than 1,00,000 individuals and 5000 businessmen including women and students. He does personal mastery and self-help training along with guided meditation. He runs Valarchi magazine which is a monthly magazine aiding the entrepreneurs and general public to improve their skills.

Malarchi foundation conducts personal leadership and business leadership training in batches throughout the year. Muzhu Malarchi is the Basic course with Personal leadership training. Guided meditation, Health and relationship Management to unleash the self-potential. On successful completion of the course and practising the same, there is a business leadership course for focussed business improvement. There are FREE regular monthly follow up sessions too.

During the anniversary celebrations, there were cultural performances by the students. Malarchi awards were distributed to the students who volunteered in various activites of Malarchi.

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