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GCC initiates online issue of Death Certificates!


Posted on : 12/Jun/2021 12:39:48 PM

The vital statistics of births and deaths are very essential for a country to devise its growth plans!

Generally, if births or deaths are registered within 21 days, no charges are to be paid!

However, if the birth/death registration is made after21 days from 22nd to 30th day, charges are made from Rs. 2/- to Rs. 100/-. If registration is done after 30 days, and within a year, the charges are from Rs. 5/- to Rs. Rs. 200/- and if registration is done after a year, charges from 100/- to Rs. 500/-.

Further, to obtain the birth/death certificates, the charges were fixed at Rs. 5/- to Rs. 200/- and for extra copies of the certificates which were given free, would be now charged at Rs. 200/- per extra copy.

In this scenario, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. K. Stalin has announced that the citizens would be exempted from these taxes due to deaths on account of the coronavirus infection.  As such, arrangements have been made to register the deaths online in Chennai Metro City without the need to call the close relatives of the deceased to the office of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).

In this regard, the public responded, When deaths occur in Chennai Metro City, death registrations are being done when the dead body is brought to the burial/cremation grounds. In case death occurs in the government or private hospitals, the death is immediately registered in the concerned hospitals. This is scrutinized by the GCC officials and after verification; it is registered under the section Deaths. As such, the concerned relatives get the death certificate without vitiating any GCC offices. In fact, Chennai Metro City is the only place in Tamil Nadu where death certificate is obtained free!
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