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Resurgent corona echo New regulations from 10th April in Tamil Nadu


Posted on : 08/Apr/2021 4:20:48 PM

Due to the resurgent spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic, as  a preventive measure, festivals and religious functions/gathering are to be banned from 10th April.

In a notification released by the State Government of Tamil Nadu in this regard, it is mentioned:

Giving due consideration to the current status of the resurgent coronavirus spread and the emergence of other forms of the coronavirus, the existing lockdown regulations continue with the permitted relaxations and the following new regulations to be extended up to 12.00 Midnight, 30th April.

Following the review meeting conducted by the Chief Secretary of the State Government of Tamil Nadu with the Higher Officials of the Department of Revenue, Department of Health, and the District Collectors, the decision take to impose the various restrictions immediately. Accordingly, the district offices have commenced the imposition of the regulations.

Further, with the present status of the fast-spreading resurgent coronavirus and the welfare of the public, certain restrictions which were released earlier are being reimposed now! Accordingly,

        The commercial complexes and large shops have to employ only 50% staff.

        On the district to district transport services, AND BUSES PLYING TO Puducherry, Andhra, Karnataka (both public and private buses), passengers are allowed only to SIT AND TRAVEL! STANDING PASSENGERS ARE NOT PERMITTED!

        Other restrictions imposed by the State Government of Tamil Nadu:


        Devotees must be allowed only until 8.00 PM in all the temples in the State.

        Only 50% of the seats should be occupied in restaurants and tea shops.

        Only 2 passengers can travel in an auto.

        Not more than 100 guests will be allowed in functions such as marriages, etc.

        Not more than 50 persons will be allowed to participate in funerals.

        As per the prevailing regulations being followed in the Containment Zones, Lockdown will be imposed 100% and must be followed strictly.

        Keeping aware of the resurgent spread, the public MUST adhere to the strict practice of wearing face masks, keeping social distancing, etc. All shops including the vegetable shops, grocery shops, commercial complexes, other shops, large shops (textile & jewellery) must handle only 50% of the customers as per capacity and will be allowed to function until 11.00 PM.
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