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Is COVID creating fear amongst students - In Chennai, 30% students have not yet returned back to their schools


Posted on : 22/Jan/2021 9:15:25 AM

The schools have reopened again in Chennai!!

On the second day on Wednesday, 20th January 2021, the number of students of classes 10 and 12 who went to their classes after the reopening of the schools went up marginally.

It is now revealed that 30% of the students belonging to the corporation schools of GCC havent yet returned to their schools. It was later brought out by some officials that GCC has asked the teachers to follow up with the students and parents. There is some confusion now regarding whether the students have dropped out of their schools due to fears of Coronavirus pandemic or due to child labour etc.

When the schools reopened on 19th of January, just 61% of class 10 students and 62% of class 12 students came t o the schools. On 20th January 69% of class 10 students and 71% of class 12 students returned back to their schools. In the schools run by the corporation, there are 6589 students in class 10 and 5152 students in class 12.

It was brought to light that just 15% of the students were not interested to return back to the schools and the rest have not returned back due to other reasons. Truth is that the teachers have been following these students and their parents and they have been explaining the various safety measures taken in the schools regarding Covid-19 spread.

The absentees have been divided into 2 categories by the GCC namely absentees and permanent absentees or drop outs. According to an official, the teachers have been directed to talk with the students to know whether they have dropped out of their schools (permanent absentees) or due to the fear of Coronavirus. After finalising the drop outs, the students would be provided help under NCLP or National Child Labour Project. It must be taken into note that around 30% to 40% of corporation school students did not attend online classes during the lockdown. For the sake of monitoring the students, the civic body has appointed teachers as mentors and also to track the health of the student is well known.
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