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What are the prospects of corona vaccine to be made available in November?


Posted on : 27/Oct/2020 1:47:34 PM

It has been announced on behalf of the leading UK medicine manufacturer Astra Zeneca that the coronavirus vaccine developed jointly by Astra Zeneca and the Oxford University that the vaccine developed by them is confirmed to build immunization strength among an age group youth and the senior citizens.

The coronavirus first came out in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province in China towards the end of 2019.  Subsequently, over a period of the next 10 months, coronavirus spread all over the world! This had a huge harmful effect among the citizens in several countries affecting both their lifeline and lifestyle!

During this period the raging monstrous coronavirus has led to the loss of lives of over 10 Lakhs! As such, most of the leading countries in the world have indulged who e-heatedly to invent the vaccine which will prevent and cure the coronavirus.

Most of the vaccines developed are in the Phases of Medical testing. The public has been extremely anxious over the last 7 months regarding the successful development and availability of these vaccines!

In this scenario, promising news has been circulating that the vaccine developed by the leading Astra Zeneca jointly with Oxford University may come for public use quite shortly!

As per the news published in one the leading newspapers in England, it has been mentioned that the 1st batch of the Astra Zeneca vaccine maybe delivered to the largest hospital in London by the 1st week of November and the concerned hospital has been alerted to be prepared and ready to use the same.

Meanwhile, as per the information released by AstraZeneca, it is confirmed during the tests that this vaccine builds and strengthens the immunisation on the youth and the senior citizens tested.
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