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Water Today Magazines August Theme: IoT & AI: The Future of the Water Sector


Posted on : 10/Aug/2020 8:53:37 AM

Smart water management implies the integration of systems and the adoption of a complex of measures to monitor, control and regulate the usage and quality of water resources and maintain the associated equipment (pipes, pumps, etc.).

By systems, we mean a wide range of hardware and software instruments, including sensors, meters, data processing and visualization tools, actuators and web and mobile control which connect people with water systems.

IoT (Internet of Things) is everywhere. IoT in home automation and monitoring has revolutionized the way gadgets and devices are controlled and used, but can we use AI for smart water management?   Fortunately, internet technology and AI have stepped in to revolutionize the commercial water purification space. Users in water sensitive segments such as food services, hotels, schools, offices and hospitals now have a fool proof way to ascertain the quality of water being purified in real time, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their customers. The biggest advantage of AI for water is complete transparency over purity of water. Internet water users can also be relieved from ongoing expenses of consumables and spare parts. This is where AI for water makes a difference.

Secondly, how wonderful it would be if there was some way of knowing what was happening inside the water purification system and what problems were in the making. So that potential breakdowns of the plant could be prevented. And last but not the least, on the wish list of the user is about those ongoing bills for service and spare parts, which erode profits. This is where AI and IoT can again be successfully applied to rid the user of these problems.

Today, smart water technology brings transparency and improved control to the whole water supply chain starting from a freshwater reservoir to wastewater collecting and recycling. Here are the devices, systems and software tools that enable smart water benefits and help optimize water treatment, production, distribution and consumption sensors, smart meters and monitoring systems, automated distribution systems and precision algorithms.  

So Lets explore how exactly AI & IoT can impact the consumption, conservation and quality of water resources on the planet. Water Today welcomes articles for the August issue on IoT & AI: The Future of the Water Sector. You may also contribute case studies, product profiles, new technologies launched. We are glad to inform that you can now read your article and product information and industry news on https://magazine.watertoday.org/. So stay tuned in and read all about the water & wastewater industry on our e-magazine website.

Topic: IoT & AI: The Future of the Water Sector   

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