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UPSC releases final merit- 60 candidates from TN made it now in this year


Posted on : 05/Aug/2020 9:48:30 AM

On Tuesday, 4h August 2020, UPSC or Union Public Service Commission released the final merit list. The list had as many as 60 candidates from TN. This has been spoken in high esteem now.

It is common knowledge that in 2019 the candidates from TN did not perform well. This time around, there were as many as 839 successful candidates and out of these atleast 7% were from TN.

The superb piece of information is the top-100 had 7 candidates from TN and 25 might get into IAS or IPS. All India 7th rank went to TN Based Ganesh Kumar who is a graduate from IIT Kanpur and IIMA. Two candidates from TN namely D. Balanagendran and M. Puranasundari are visually challenged but this has not come in their way of their success now.

 Mr. S. Chandru, academic head, Shankar IAS Academy, Chennai, expressed his thoughts and spoke about how in this year the candidates from TN performed better than last year. Good show by the candidates is mainly due to their performance in their optional subjects. 

Point is in 2019 around 45 candidates have cracked the examination. In the year 2014, as many as 150 candidates from TN cracked the civil services examination. This was more than 10% of the total successful candidates.

 This year, TN candidates have done very well in the optional subjects like sociology and public administration. It is important to mention here that the TN candidates prefer optional subjects like geography, public administration, sociology, anthropology, Tamil literature and political science.

It was later bought out by Mr. Bhoominathan, director of Kingmakers IAS Academy that more candidates from TN have got high ranks this year. He was happy that nearly 25 candidates from TN would be able to get IAS or IPS as they had come inside 400 ranks.
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