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Heavy fines for water stagnation (Dengue Threat) - Chennai Corporation warns residents


Posted on : 05/Aug/2020 9:44:26 AM

The vector control measures have been stepped up by the Greater Chennai Corporation or GCC now with the increase in the number of dengue cases in Chennai.

News is GCC would be imposing fines for water stagnation that would create an atmosphere for the breeding of the mosquitoes.

As per a senior official belonging to GCC, the dengue related activities have begun. He explained the importance of public co-operation in controlling dengue in large establishments and construction sites etc. Children are more vulnerable to dengue is a known fact. It is now said that the fine has been reinstituted for the purpose of enforcing discipline and for ensuring citizens safety.

In the Chennai city fever camps, many cases of dengue have been reported and the decision to impose fine has come in the wake of these dengue cases. The amount for fine would vary depending on the type of premises and on the repeated offence and it would be from Rs 100 to Rs 10lakhs.

Important information is for the individual houses notices would be issued first and then Rs 100 to Rs 200 would be collected as a fine amount for subsequent offence.

For those who live in the apartments, the first offence would attract the fine amount of Rs 500 would be collected and later Rs 5000 would be collected as fine for second offence and Rs 15000 for third offence. 

The fine amount of Rs 1 Lakh for first offence would be collected from 2-Star and above hotels plus from hospitals with more than 50 beds and construction site measuring 5000 sq ft and above. 

Across the Chennai city, recently 3400 malaria workers were shifted from the Covid-19 duty to vector prevention duties is well known. It is now said that in the vulnerable places in Chennai, the civic body would start fogging and spray larvicide for controlling dengue.
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