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Many auto drivers in Chennai face difficulties with the new one passenger rule


Posted on : 27/May/2020 10:24:12

Initially, the auto drivers belonging to Chennai heaved a sigh of relief after being given permission to operate in Chennai after the lock down. Now, they are finding it very tough. This is because of one passenger rule for the purpose of maintaining social distance.

On Tuesday morning, the auto drivers could not get many customers and when more than one passenger came they had to turn them due to this one passenger rule.

It has been brought out by a Tambaram based auto driver that the government must allow atleast 2 passengers to travel together. There were also complaints from the auto drivers about the government restricting the operation of autos and taxis for specific purposes of transporting passengers from and to the airport. Railway stations etc.

Auto driver from Triplicane spoke about how before the lock down it was office goers who used to travel by autos alone. He added that otherwise 2 or 3 passengers would travel together. Point is most of the times it would be couple or family who used to travel together in the auto.

The auto drivers in other parts of Tamil Nadu were also totally disappointed now with the one passenger rule. It is known that from 23rd May autos have been allowed to operate in other parts of TN except Chennai city.

According to Mr. M. Sivaji, general secretary, TN Auto Thozhilalar Sammelanam it was clear that not many people would hire autos alone. He explained about how the government must allow the auto drivers to take atleast 2 persons at a time. For example, if a person wants to go to hospital for treatment then he or she would be accompanied by another person.

He later expressed his happiness about the government decision to keep hand sanitizers in the autos and wearing face masks by both auto drivers and passengers.
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