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It is not my mistake :Actor Sivakarthikeyan


Posted on : 14/May/2019 11:31:22

Actor Sivakarthikeyan has declared that it was not his mistake that his name was not included in the voters list and hence he need not offer any explanation regarding the same.

The parliamentary elections were held in Tamil Nadu on 18th April. Actor Sivakarthikeyan went along with his wife to the polling booth at the Good Shepherd School in Chennai Valasarawakkam at 8.00 AM. However, while his name was not in the voters list, his wifes name was there.

Even when actor Sivakarthikeyan argued that he had voted in the same booth during the previous 2 elections, the officials did not permit him to vote! He had to return with disappointment! Later, he returned to the booth at 2.00 PM. A special concession was offered to him and he was permitted to cast his vote.

However, the fact that he had voted without the name in the voters list has created a controversy!

In this regard, the Tamil Nadu Chief Election Officer Satyaprada Sahu explained that action will be taken on the official who permitted actor Sivakarthikeyan to vote.

Meanwhile, Sivakarthikeyan never spoke on this issue. In this situation, a question regarding this was raised when the actor Sivakarthikeyan was indulging in the promotion activities of the film Mr. Local.

He explained: I am an Indian Citizen. It is my duty to vote. I have my voter ID card. So  I voted. The Election Commission insists the public cast their votes. It is not my mistake that my name was missing in the voters list! I just cast my vote just as many of you did! In fact, I had voted in the same booth during the previous 2 elections as well! In fact, when I checked about a month ago, I confirmed that my name was in the voters list! So, I feel that I need not offer any explanation in this regard.

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