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Power shutdown in certain parts of Chennai made lives difficult


Posted on : 14/May/2019 09:58:09

In this peak summer season the presence of full power supply is very important. The news is on Monday, 13th May 2019, large parts of Chennai plunged into darkness for several hours of time. This happened both in the early morning as well as in the evening causing huge discomfort for the residents of Chennai.

The important information is not only power shutdowns created issues but also there were constant power fluctuations. There were some fears about Corona Effect affecting the transmission lines. It is now revealed that the fears of Tangedco or TN Generation and Distribution Corporation became true.  Residents from Ennore to T. Nagar suffered from power fluctuations.

It was later pointed out by a senior official belonging to Tangedco that the transmission lines of 400 KV and 230 KV from generating stations at Ennore were affected by severe humidity. This humidity combined with sea breeze has resulted in Corona Effect. It is worth mentioning here that the Corona Effect caused due to high humidity, industrial pollution and sea breeze produces a discharge that damages the transformers, capacitors and insulators in the power grid.

On Monday, around 2 am, 5 feeders including 400 KV of Manali, Almathy, Vallur, and two 110 KV feeders tripped and within few hours of time 3 feeders were back charged. The point is 2 feeders heading towards Kaladipet covering Thiruvottiyur and nearby areas were restored by only 10 am. By the evening of Monday, the power supply got normalized. It has been pointed out by a resident belonging to Village Street in Thiruvottiyur that the residents in his locality had to go through sleepless night.

The technical snag in the 110 KV Kits Park substation carrying power through Pallikaranai marshland resulted in the voltage fluctuations. This created huge difficulties for the residents belonging to places like Taramani, Sholinganallur, Perungudi, Velachery etc.

According to a senior official of south Chennai it is clear that a technical snag had resulted in power to be shut down for a few minutes for back feeding to some areas that were served by the substation located at Taramani. It is revealed that the residents were given2-phase power supply against the normal 3-phase power supply.

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