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Perungalathur Flyover Second Phase Complete, to Open for Traffic by End of June

Posted on: 06/Jun/2023 4:51:23 PM
In a significant development, the second phase of construction for the Perungalathur flyover, connected to the "Oval Roundana," has been successfully completed. The flyover is set to open for traffic by the end of June. This crucial infrastructure project aims to connect Srinivasanagar and New Perungalathur to the highways, ultimately easing traffic congestion on the busy Tiruchy-Chennai National Highways.

The Oval Roundana work, which has experienced significant delays over the past 23 years, is finally approaching completion. Various challenges, including land acquisition, forest department clearance, changes in government, and the Covid-19 pandemic, have contributed to the slow progress of this project. Initially initiated by the Railway Department and Highways Department in 2000 with a budget of Rs 86 crore, the project encountered numerous obstacles throughout its journey.

Land acquisition, in particular, has been a major hurdle for the project, with the Revenue Department facing challenges in acquiring the necessary land. The project finally gained momentum in 2018, with a revised budget of Rs 236 crore. However, private land patta holders raised concerns regarding low compensations, leading to their reluctance in yielding their lands to the government.

Adding to the project`s setbacks, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 further delayed the construction process. Nevertheless, with the change in ruling dispensation in 2021, an additional Rs 50 crore was allocated, bringing the total project value to Rs 286 crore. However, land acquisition continues to pose challenges, resulting in partial completion of the flyover.

It is noteworthy that a section of the flyover connecting Vandalur to Peerkankaranai lake, en route Tambaram and Chengalpattu, has already been completed and opened for traffic since September 2022. The completion of the second phase of the Perungalathur flyover holds great promise in addressing traffic congestion and facilitating smoother travel along the Tiruchy-Chennai National Highways.

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