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Calculation of marks for the students of class 12 in Tamil Nadu - A BIG HEADACHE


Posted on : 07/Jun/2021 9:14:00 AM

For a long time the students, parents and teachers did not have any clue about the board examinations for class 12.

Now, it is very clear that the class 12 board examinations for the students have been cancelled in Tamil Nadu. The problems are not yet over for these students.

It is now revealed by some academicians and education experts that the modalities of calculating the marks would be very tough for the official panel. School Education Department secretary Karkala Usha would be the head of the committee for calculating marks. The committee also has a lot of academicians. In this week, the committee would be holding its first meeting and this was as per a senior officer belonging to the committee.

It is well known to us that the class 10 students have been declared all pass by the TN government and the state is still not able to allocate marks for these students. In this scenario, the educationists have urged the TN government to come out with a common solution that would be acceptable for both private as well as for the government school students.

President of AUT, Mr. N. Pasupathy was of the view that the qualification for class12 must be given based on the subjects covered in the curriculum. He is also in the admission panel in the TN state university is well known.

It was then pointed out by Mr. S. Arumainathan, president, TN Parents Teachers Association that if the committee comes out with a formula for awarding marks based on the performance of the students in the term exams then the students belonging to the government schools would be at a disadvantage. Truth is that the government schools did not conduct tests for the students.

He added that schools that managed to conduct revision exams through WhatsApp groups did not have the progress report data.

According to Mr. K. Saminathan, senior office bearer of the Federation of Associations and Welfare of Private Schools in TN even if the committee comes out with a common solution there are possibilities that the parents might challenge those in the court.



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