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Chennai Traffic Police Crack Down on Number Plate Violations: 1,200 Cases Registered in 5 Days, Rs. 6 Lakh Fine Collected!

Posted on: 08/May/2024 12:15:20 PM

In Chennai, the police have registered 1,200 cases within a span of 5 days for violations related to vehicle registration number plates. It has been observed that some individuals have been using registration plates that do not comply with the Motor Vehicle Act. These plates vary in size and may contain unauthorized words or stickers, including those representing government agencies, political parties, professions like doctors and lawyers, and media outlets.

Responding to these infractions, the Chennai Metropolitan Traffic Police announced on the 27th that strict action would be taken against offenders. Since the 2nd of last year, cases have been filed against those who have affixed such stickers on their registration plates. Offenders were fined Rs. 500 for the violation, with a subsequent fine of Rs. 1,500 for repeat offenses or failure to rectify the issue after the initial citation.

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