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Tambaram Police Implement Traffic Diversions at Sholinganallur Junction to Ease Congestion on Rajiv Gandhi Road!

Posted on: 24/May/2024 10:21:10 AM

The Tambaram Police Commissionerate has announced traffic diversions at Sholinganallur Junction to alleviate congestion. Chennai`s Rajiv Gandhi Road, stretching 22 km from Adyar Madhya Kailash to Siruseri, is heavily trafficked due to the presence of IT parks, educational institutions, theaters, and ongoing metro rail construction, which has narrowed and damaged the road.

Effective from yesterday, the traffic changes are as follows:

Vehicles heading to Navalur and Kelambakkam from Sholinganallur Junction can continue straight through Kumaran Nagar Junction.
Vehicles going towards Nookampalayam Road and Tsunami Residence should take a U-turn at Private College Junction and turn left at Kumaran Nagar Junction.
Vehicles traveling from Tsunami Residence and Nookampalayam Road to Kelambakkam should turn left at Kumaran Nagar Junction and take a U-turn after 150 meters.
Vehicles from Tiruvalluvar Road should turn left towards Navalur and take a U-turn at Private College Junction to reach Tsunami Residence and Sholinganallur.
Vehicles from Navalur can take a U-turn at Kumaran Nagar Junction to access Tiruvalluvar Road.

The Tambaram Police Commissionerate urges motorists to follow these changes to help reduce traffic congestion.

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