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Traffic Rule Violations: Citizens who observe traffic rule violations can complain through Social Networking Media!

Posted on: 24/Feb/2023 11:53:38 AM
The Additional Commissioner of the Chennai Metro City Traffic Police has invited the citizens who observe traffic violations to complain immediately to the Traffic Police Department with details through Social Networking Media!

Immediate action will be taken including the Chennai Metro City buses which violate traffic Rules & Regulations!

The Chennai Traffic Police Additional Commissioner had a session with the Press Reporters yesterday (Thursday, 23rd February) and shared with the press:

"The Chennai Traffic Police Department is ON A 24-HOURS A DAY VIGIL to reduce the severe traffic congestion and to prevent accidents!

Citizens can now make complaints when they observe any violation of traffic rules or any disturbance in traffic flow to the Department of Traffic Police through Social Networking Media!

Otherwise, citizens can also WhatsApp 9003130103 with the concerned photo clips.

Further, the citizens can complain through Twitter - @Chennai Traffic, Facebook Greater Chennai Traffic Police, and Instagram Chennai traffic police.

If the citizens complaining include details such as the location where traffic was violated, date, and time, it would be extremely beneficial to take action immediately!

Over the last 2 months, 1267 traffic violations were complained about through Twitter to the Department of traffic police. Out of these, immediate timely action was taken on 90.50% of the complaints. 101734 citizens are following the Facebook Page of the Chennai Traffic Police!

The citizens can also make complaints to the Traffic Police Department regarding the traffic personnel who take bribes or cross the limit in behaviour! The proper enquiry will be conducted on these complaints and the requisite action will be taken against the erring traffic police personnel!

An instance has arisen where a large number of complaints are received regarding the traffic violations made by the State Government Buses and Vehicles! NOTE THAT THE LAW IS EQUAL FOR ALL! AS SUCH, ACTION WILL BE TAKEN AGAINST WHOEVER VIOLATED THE RULE!

Complaints are received that a large number of school and college students travel in the Chennai Metro Buses hanging on the footboards and also violate traffic rules! Action has been taken to resolve this issue!

Meetings seeking suggestions from the citizens the Public are to be conducted in 155 locations in Chennai Metro City!

Arrangemements are made to conduct a check in all Parking Areas on coming Saturday (tomorrow, 25th February) when all defective number plates will be removed and new number plates will be fixed!`

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