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An island planned by traffic police at the busy Cenotaph road junction on Anna Salai


Posted on : 18/Oct/2019 10:02:11 AM

Cenotaph Road junction is highly congested with traffic is known. It is now said that the traffic police have planned to construct an island on Anna Salai at the intersection with cenotaph Road in Teynampet. The main objective behind island construction is for the better flow of the traffic.

As a part of the trial run, the traffic police had announced that motorists from Cenotaph Road would be allowed to turn right in the Anna Salai for a period of 3 days from Friday.

It must be noted that the traffic diversions were planned in the days leading to Deepavali. The important point is many people shopping for Deepavali throng the commercial hub of T. Nagar and many travels through the Cenotaph Road and Bharathidasan Salai choke the road causing traffic congestion.

It must not be forgotten that in the month of April Cenotaph Road junction was opened for 2-way traffic on a temporary basis before being suspended again because of chaos. This Cenotaph Road junction became a one-way stretch 7 years back due to metro rail work is well known.

The traffic police in their last trial run found that after the motorists were allowed to turn right at the junction there were huge pile ups on Cenotaph Road and Turnbulls Road and sometimes till Kotturpuram also in the rush hour. Point to be noted here is till then the vehicles moving from Cenotaph Road were not allowed to turn right on to the Anna Salai but the vehicles were forced to turn left and proceed till Nandanam junction to take U-turn. It is now revealed that at the Bharathidasan Salai- Anna Salai junction and Cenotaph Road and Anna Salai junction 2 traffic signals would function within 100m with each other. This would be under the proposed arrangement.

During the rush hours in the morning and evening, the traffic enforcement officers have been asked to remain in the loop. For the vehicles to move synchronously in all directions, the roundabout traffic or traffic island was planned. This was according to a senior police official. It must be noted that the proposal would be studied for viability before it is implemented.
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