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By-poll tomorrow (19th) for 4 Legislative Assembly constituencies: Campaign concluded yesterday evening


Posted on : 18/May/2019 12:21:12

The by-election for 4 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Constituencies and revoting in 13 polling booths are scheduled to be conducted in Tamil Nadu tomorrow (Sunday, 19th May).

With the election campaign having concluded yesterday, 16000 police personnel have been deployed to ensure disturbance-free smooth election.

The 4 constituencies for by-election tomorrow (19th May) in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly constituencies are Sulur, Aravakkurichi, Thirupparankundram, and Oddappidaram.

In the already conducted election for the parliamentary constituencies, repolling is scheduled to be conducted tomorrow (Sunday, 19th May) in 13 polling booths Dharmapuri (8), Theni (2), Erode, Thiruvallur, and Cuddalore 1 each. The election campaign for this repolling concluded yesterday (Friday, 17th May) at 6.00 PM. The voting will be from 7.00AM to 6.00 PM tomorrow.

The Election Commission has made the necessary arrangements to ensure a peaceful election. In this regard, The Tamil Nadu Chief Election Officer, Satyaprada Sahu shared: A total of 1128 polling booths have been set up as p[er the following break-up: Sulur -324, Aravakkurichi-250, Thirupparankundram-297, and Oddappidaram- 257.

5508 employees are being deployed for election duties. Micro-inspectors are also being deployed to monitor all the polling booths 1365 central government employees have been trained for this micro-monitoring.

In order to prevent any untoward incidents during the voting, 1300 supplementary army force, 2000 Tamil Nadu Oorkkaaval Padai personnel and 13939 police personnel are being deployed.

As there are 63 contestants in the Aravakkurichi constituency, 4 EVMs have been set up in each polling booth here. For all the 4 Legislative Assembly constituencies, 3380 EVMs, 1376 control equipment, and 1483 receipt collecting machines are kept ready.

In the above 4 legislative assembly constituency, repolling will be conducted in 656 polling booths (where voting was already conducted once). Web cameras will be installed in 13 polling booths.

With the election campaign having concluded yesterday (Friday, 17th May), all those who had come from outside for election activities were removed. The vehicle permission given to the contestants and star speakers got concluded yesterday. Henceforth, campaigning cannot be taken up even in social networking media!

No entertainment events attraction public attention will be permitted. The Election Commission has strictly warned that in case the above restrictions/regulations are violated, either 2 years imprisonment or fine or both will be imposed.

So far, a total of 40 cases have been registered as violations of regulations 2 in Aravakkurichi, 6 in Sulur, 10 in Thirupparankundram,  and 22 in Oddappidaram, These 40 cases include 31 cases of writing advertisements on the wall without permission. The other cases include complaints of offering gifts,  18 cases have been registered against AIDMK, 7 against DMK, and 15 on others.

The counting of votes : 
The Tamil Nadu Chief Election Officer Satyprada Sahu observed that the speed of counting is not an important factor but correct counting of votes is!

Satyaprada Sahu conducted a video-conference with all the district election officials, officials conducting the elections, and the SPs yesterday evening (Friday, 17th May).

The arrangements to be made for the 13 repolling booths scheduled tomorrow in the 4 legislative assembly constituencies and the arrangements being made for counting of votes were also discussed during the above video-conference.

Regarding the vote counting, Satyaprada Sahu observed: Counting will start at 8.00 AM on 23rd May. 14 tables will be set up in each of the 4 constituencies to count the votes. In one of the tables, the receipts of the registered votes in 5 polling booths (drawn on a lucky-draw basis) will be counted. In all other tables, the cast votes will be counted. The results will be declared on the spot.

The postal votes will be counted separately.  High-speed counting of votes is not important but right counting is important.  As the number of voters is rather high in the Sholinganallur constituency, 30 tables will be set up here. The counting of votes will be entirely video-recorded. The details of counted voted will be announced on the spot in the official website of the Election Commission.