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Making a Smart Home with Smart Devices and Appliances

Posted on: 25/Apr/2018 2:51:01 PM
Smart Appliances that primarily works on the Internet connection will automate the basic level manual interactions that are necessary for the home based electrical and electronic devices. Many such smart products are available in the Indian market produced inside or exported from various smart device giants.

Once it was considered as impossible and now it is very common for commanding any home based application devices in the wireless form of networking from anywhere through internet connection. Prices of such home devices are also made very much affordable and anyone can easily learn the operating conditions of such automatic smart devices.

Here we list out some of the smart devices that are very effective in Home Applications.

Controller Hubs

Controller Hubs are the basic device that is required for connecting all smart devices into the wireless mode. This allows the users to operate and control the devise remotely from an allowable distance through exclusive remotes or Smart Phones in installing the particular application. Hubs acts as a center for connecting smart devices like fan, lights, Security-cameras and so on. Many products are available in this category and make sure to install the hub that supports the particular kind of smart devices that was placed in your respective houses.

Smart Lights

Smart Lights will enable the automatic changing of light sources and intensity according to the day-night changes and also works in terms of energy saving aspect. The sensor will recognize the number of people on a particular room and will enable the light source in par with the reading. The lighting bulbs are connected to the WiFi network and through various programs and applications you can opt for mood lighting, lighting control and automatic lighting on and off etc. Philips Hue is the known option for such automatic smart lighting and GE, WeMo, LIFX are also secondary options.

Security cameras

Threatening look of pipe shaped CCTV devices are no more a better option for securing your home and property. Compact Wireless IP cameras that connects with your smart phone or through your computer with an internet connection will make sure the security option in your house to be very effective. These kind of smart surveillance cameras are very much cost effective and with a sum of Rs 5000 you can set a whole house securable range of visibility controlled through your smart phones.

Smart locks

Keyless technology is an emerging concept adopted in various homes for giving access key to exclusive members of the family only. Smart locks will be programmed in accordance with the Bluetooth sensor and NFC tags connected to the Internet connection. So you can select the door open/close option remotely from any location for allowing your family member or friends in times of emergency or urgent requirements. It comes with the traditional keys also, so that you can choose manual opening in times of battery drain or failed internet connection. All kinds of door locks and openings will be notified for security reasons. 

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic Vacuum cleaners handles the scheduled cleaning of the houses in three stage p process in loosening, lifting and suctioning modes. , iRobot Roomba 695 is available in Indian Market for Rs 32,900 that connects through WiFi network or in a smart phone accessed from a distant location. It is disc shaped devise arranged on a composite enclosed manner for effective cleaning in all nook and corners of our house.

Smart speakers

For automatic play back and timer set ups for any occasion the smart speakers are very effective in sensing the environment through programmed construction of sensors. When connected through WiFi or Smart phone it enables a voice recognition for commanding various automatic devices connected to common hubs. It will play the music from your phone in the speakers wirelessly with an App-Control option. Sonos, Amazon Echo are some of the important options of Smart Speakers.

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