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Chennais Rs 22,004-Crore Project to Boost Water Storage and Ensure Flood Mitigation!

Posted on: 22/Jun/2024 9:49:44 AM

The Water Resources Department has proposed a Rs 22,004-crore project to boost water storage by 20.50 thousand million cubic feet (tmc ft) and ensure permanent flood mitigation in Chennai and surrounding areas, Minister Duraimurugan announced in the Assembly on Friday.

The project, named Chennai City Water Supply Augmentation and Flood Mitigation Resilient to Climate Change, aims to address flood mitigation and rainwater conservation for deficit years in and around Chennai. The minister stated that the plan would create an additional storage capacity of 20.50 tmc ft, meeting the city`s drinking water needs and providing permanent flood solutions.

Currently, the combined capacity of six reservoirs supplying drinking water to Chennai is 13.222 tmc ft, while the annual demand is about 22 tmc ft. The project is expected to increase storage to 32 tmc ft by 2035, accommodating projected population growth.

The 2023-24 policy note highlighted the necessity of protecting Chennai from recurrent flooding and water shortages. Both short and long-term flood mitigation measures are planned. Following the devastating December floods, the department emphasized the urgent need for these measures due to the impact of climate change.

Pre-monsoon work costing Rs 30.5 crore is underway to ensure effective drainage. Desilting four waterbodies in Chennai is expected to increase storage by about 1.904 tmc ft.

Additionally, a new reservoir has been created by upgrading the Kattur and Thattamanji twin tanks in Tiruvallur at a cost of Rs 62.36 crore, enhancing water resources for Chennai and providing irrigation for 5,804 acres.

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