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NO urination & defecation at public places in Chennai- New sensational order from GCC to the residents


Posted on : 03/Feb/2023 9:51:46 AM

The GCC or Greater Chennai Corporation has been taking steps to announce Chennai as an area without open toilets. Now, the GCC is planning to impose a penalty of Rs 100 on those who urinate and defecate in public places and near water bodies etc in Chennai.

Uin 866 locations in the city, GCC has 7471 toilets for the public use. These toilets could be used by the public for free. In some locations, there are few people who have been occupying these toilets and charging money from the public . In this regard, GCC has been taking actions on these people occupying the toilets by informing the police. 

Now, action has been taken to demolish more than 100 toilets in various places in Chennai. The work has been going on and 20 toilets have been demolished and new modern toilets are being constructed in those places. It is learnt that GCC has been carrying out the renovation and reusing of the existing toilets in Chennai. Thirty seven e-toilets have been renovated and the renovation work for the remaining 107 e-toilets has been going on now.

Truth is that 358 new toilets with the latest facilities have been constructed in Chennai in many places like bus stops, markrets, high traffic places etc and both men as well as women could use these toilets.  Nearly around 1000 locations in Chennai, modern toilets have been set up by the GCC and the Corporations is taking steps to announce Chennai as an area without open toilets. In this regard, GCC is considering imposing a fine of Rs 100 on those who urinate and defecate in public places and around the water bodies etc.

The officials from Chennai Corporation have mentioned that with the private contributions toilets would be maintained in Chennai.  In some important locations in the city, a 24 hour toilet facility would be available and it would be maintained well.  Now, data is being collected regarding how many toilets would be needed for the other areas and soon toilets would be established.

They spoke about how the public must use only the toilets for urination and defecation purposes etc.. In case of violation in the public places in Chennai, fines would be imposed on the violators by the police or by the employees of GCC. Point is that fines would also be imposed on the violators through school teachers and students etc who have been appointed as health messengers. 



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