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Important reasons why we must consume Chaksu seeds?


Posted on : 06/Dec/2022 6:00:48 PM

How many of us know what chaksu seeds are?

The bitter tasting chaksu seeds are black in colour and they look like small stones. They are found mostly in the north western part of India in the foot of the Himalayas. These chaksu seeds are known in English as `Jasmeejaz`. It is true that by intake of chaksu seeds we could get many health benefits in us

How to consume chaksu seeds:
In the first step, 2 to 3 mg of seeds are taken and they are made into powder. Then the powder is soaked in water and kept overnight. The liquid is strained and the remaining portion of course particles are left behind.

These are the health benefits of consuming chaksu seeds

Lowers blood pressure:
The anti hypertensive effect of chaksu seeds plays a huge role here in lowering the blood pressure. It is believed that the presence of linoleic acids as well as linolenic acids in these seeds are responsible for the hypertensive effect.

Anti-inflammatory property:
It must be noted that the chaksu seeds are used for their anti-inflammatory properties. The chaksu seeds have flavonoids like kaempferol, inflammatory cytokines etc in them.

Prevents constipation:
The laxative properties in these seeds play an important role and intake of the seeds would help us to avoid constipation issues. The emodin present in the seeds is responsible for the laxative property of these seeds.

Promotes kidney and liver health:
It is very important that we must maintain the health of our kidneys for our lives to be normal. Intake of chaksu seeds would play an important role in this. In the same way, liver health would also be boosted by consuming these seeds.

Diabetes management:
The antiglycation activity of the chaksu seeds are important and this would help in the management of diabetes. 



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