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Be careful about these important signs of consuming excess sugars!!


Posted on : 23/Nov/2022 5:04:33 PM

Who doesn`t like consuming sugars?

Not all sugars are bad for our health. The sugars like fructose present in the fruits and lactose present in dairy rich foods are good for our health. Only those sugars that are present in processed foods are bad for our health. The shocking truth is that many of us consume processed foods more and thereby consume the added sugars that could cause harm for our health. These added sugars would contribute towards calories but not much towards vitamins and minerals etc. The recommended daily intake of added sugars for men is 150 calories and for women and kids is 100 calories.

These are the signs that would reveal the fact that we are consuming too much of sugars.

Increased hunger and weight gain:
When a person consumes added sugars in more amounts, then he or she would have increased hunger. Though sugars are nice to eat but it wont make the stomachs full. Added sugars do not have fibres, proteins and healthy fats etc, So when we consume the processed foods then our body would burn through sugars quickly and increase hunger. This would make us eat more and we would put on weight.

Feeling irritable, stressed etc, then it could also be due to excess intake of sugars. Research study conducted in 2020 has revealed that eating added sugars would lead to inflammation plus worsen mood and finally result in depression. This is also an important sign.

High blood pressure:
Not many of us would be aware that high BP or hypertension could be due to excess consumption of sugars. If a person consumes excess sugars then the lining of the blood vessels would get damaged. It must be noted that this would make lipids like cholesterol etc stick to the walls of the blood vessels and would harden the blood vessels. The BP would shoot up.

Acne and wrinkles etc:
Another important sign of consuming added sugars is the presence of acne and wrinkles etc. It is worthy to note that too much intake of added sugars is also indicated by wrinkles etc on the face. The skin would age faster due to advanced glycation end products that are products of excess sugar.

Joint pain:
Not only age contributes to the pain in the joints but also the intake of excess sugars too. In women, there would be more risk of rheumatoid arthritis issue if they consume more added sugars. This is mainly due to the fact that more added sugars intake would lead to more inflammation and finally to joint pain.

Sleep issues:
Many would associate sleep issues mostly due to the stress or anxiety etc.c. It can also be a sign of intake of added sugars also. It is known that the sleep is regulated by the light, room temp and glycemic control etc. So, when a person consumes excess added sugars then the sleep cycle would be disturbed.

Digestive issues:
Excess intake of added sugars is also shown by several digestive issues like stomach pain, cramping, diarrhoea etc. The gut would get irritated by excess consumption of surags and this would lead to many digestive issues.

Brain fog:
This is also one sign of excess intake of added sugars. Pessons would have issues with mental clarity, concentration etc.



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