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More chances of longer life if you can do this very important and simple activity!!


Posted on : 28/Jun/2022 9:22:46 AM


Here comes a very important piece of information that can make many either happy or feel sad!!

It has been brought to light by new research that a person could have a longer life if he or she has got better balance. As per a study that was published in British Journal of Sports Medicine, a simple balance test might help in predicting serious health problems.

As many as 1702 elder adults between 51 and 75 were considered for the study purpose. The main purpose of the study was to know whether balance would predict health outcomes over a period of time.

The simple test involves persons standing on one leg for about 10 seconds without using their hands. The person is not allowed to lean over for support etc also. According to the researchers it was clear that those persons who were unable to complete the test have 84percent chances to die of any reason in the next 10 years of time when compared to those who have balance. 

It has been found that persons were less likely to complete the test as they grow older. It is learnt that 5percent of the people in their early 50s failed to complete the test when compared to 54% of those between early to mid 70s. Till now, no information is known about what is responsible for the risk. 

It must be noted that the research study was just observational and it showed a relation between balance and early death risk. While establishing the link, various factors like diet, exercise habits, recent falls, tobacco usage etc were not taken into consideration.

Point to be noted is that participants who were unable to pass the test tended to have worse overall health, with more chances of heart diseases, high BP, high cholesterol etc when compared to those who could complete the test successfully. The researchers have concluded from their study that the balance test could be a convenient and inexpensive way to flag health risks.

It is noteworthy that balance is an important part of overall fitness, along with aerobic endurance, muscular strength etc.
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