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Coronavirus infection replaced by new viral infection in Chennai- Whats happening now?


Posted on : 28/Jun/2022 9:20:14 AM


Now, there has been an increase in the viral infection among the children in Chennai city. It has been just weeks since the schools in Chennai have started to function in this new academic year.

Symptoms like cold, cough and fever are now present in many kids and several hospitals in Chennai and doctors have been receiving these kid patients.

If the symptoms persist, the kids must not go to their schools and they must get treated immediately. This was as per some doctors. According to a senior paediatrician at ICH Chennai for the last 2 weeks there has been an increase in the number of viral infection cases among the children.

The paediatrician then spoke about how many children who were away from their schools in the Coronavirus pandemic have been getting infected with the viral infection now. Many children visit the ICH with symptoms like cold, cough, throat pain and fever etc now.

Compared to previous June months, this June has been witnessing lots of viral infection cases in the children now. This was mentioned by a consultant paediatrician belonging to Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital in Chennai. He then shed light on how the usual cold and flu season would be from September to January and how this has changed totally now. It must be noted that from April onwards more children have been visiting the hospital with symptoms like cold, cough and fever etc.

Many doctors now feel that the Coronavirus infection has been replaced by a new viral infection due to lack of social distancing, reopening of schools, overcrowding etc. The viral infection in the kids could have been also due to the unusual rains in Chennai in the last week. The children also show various other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhoea also now along with symptoms like cold, cough etc
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