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This is sensational!! - IIT Madras associates with music maestro Illayaraja now!!

Posted on: 21/May/2024 8:56:20 AM

Music maestro Illayaraja at IIT M campus yesterday!! What`s happend?

We all know Indian Institute of Technology Madras or IIT- M is a very famous institute in Chennai that provides top quality education. We all know about film composer maestro Illayaraja and his superb works in several films. Now, here comes a huge surprise!!

IIT M has associated with music maestro Illayaraja by setting up of IITM Music Maestro Ilayaraja Centre for Music Learning and Research in its premises. On Monday, 20th of May 2024, the foundation stone was laid by Illayaraja and by Tirpura Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu.

The IIT M director Mr. V. Kamakoti expressed his thoughts. He spoke about how understanding music requires a lot of research. He added that there would be more research in the music field as advanced technology like AI or artificial intelligence is being used now. He concluded that due to this reason only IITM approached music maestro Illayaraja.

It was amazing to see the music maestro and IITM M director exchange MOU or memorandum of understanding. Mr. Illayaraja recollected his memories and spoke about how he and his brothers came to (Madras) Chennai to learn music. He mentioned that by making a person feel thirsty only, the person would find a way to quench the thirst. It is true that passion could make a person reach unbelievable heights in life.

Information gathered is that IITM is hosting a society for promoting Indian classical music and culture amongst youth SPIC MACAY with its 9th annual international convention. As many as 15000 students and volunteers have been attending this week-long festival.

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